Thursday, December 3, 2009

2008 : 15 "This Will Never Be Our Town" by Jason Anderson

Vince was driving around Portland when "This Will Never Be Our Town" came up in the shuffle. Somehow he knew this song was about him and here. He knew that Portland was a temporary home for him. He would never be able to stick here. He can't find the thing that connects a person to a place. His friends tell him his is being silly when he feels this way. One verse in the song hits him hard:

Six months ago almost to the day
It's weird to think how much is different and how much is exactly, exactly, exactly, exactly, the same
On the trip back I remember saying to myself our town looks cute
and then instantly thinking
this will never be our town

Six months in the future, Vince is loading the U-haul for his move to Reno. He thought about how true some moments are.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Jason Alexander >> "This Will Never Be Our Twon"

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