Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 : 12 "Demons Out" by Art Brut

On your visa it says "entertainer"
You'd better step it up or they're gonna detain you
It's all smoke and mirrors- don't go and see 'em
I wanted rock 'n roll- I got a science museum

I could have picked any of the songs from Art Brut vs. Satan. This is my record of the year. Every song makes me want to be 22 years old again, in a totally good way. Art Brut is smart, witty, silly and fun. Art Brut is the band for every Rob Fleming wannabe out there. They are the geeks with an apartment full of vinyl and comic books that actually decided to put together a band. What more can I say beyond the quote below.

How am I supposed to sleep at night
when no one likes the music we write?
Record buying public- we hate them
This is Art Brut vs. Satan

Rich Thomas

Listen: Art Brut >> "Demons Out!"

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