Friday, November 6, 2009

2007 : 11 "Superheroes 2007" by The Toxic Avenger

In the last years of the decade, I went back to listening to a lot of electronic dance music. Dormant since the late 1990s, this love was re-awakened by my discovery of terrific European techno acts like Daft Punk and Justice. Try as I might, I just can't resist this kind of music: my response to it, in fact, borders on the Pavlovian. Give me some fat synth lines and some dance-floor-destroying beats and my brain automatically responds by flooding my mesolimbic reward pathway with massive amounts of dopamine. Shameful, really.

Perhaps my reaction can be best illustrated with an audio-visual aid. Here's a video of myself dancing (in disguise no less!) to "Superheroes 2007," a track by The Toxic Avenger, an act who's less well-known than some of the other French techno practicioners, but every bit as fantastic. (Special thanks to K. for introducing me to him.)

(part of the Top Secret Dance Off)

I believe that my rubbery, blurry flailings say everything there is to say that's good about this music.

Jeremy Bushnell

Listen: The Toxic Avenger >> "Superheroes 2007"

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