Thursday, November 26, 2009

2008 : 06 "Oliver Square" by Cadence Weapon

"What is there not to like about the Cadence Weapon album?" PJ asked Loud Mike.

"He is a rapper from Edmonton Alberta Canada, and he raps about Edmonton. How rough it is to live there. I would think the hardest thing is putting up with the winters."

"Come on, every city is tough. We have never been to Edmonton; maybe it is a really hard place."

PJ and Loud Mike had to stand on BART because the Bay Bridge was closed again. "In that case, you get out in Oakland and tell the kids Edmonton is a hard place to live."

"You have to admit that the samples are tight and Cadence Weapon has a great flow."

"Yeah, he has a great flow and the samples are what keep me listening to the album. Listen, if you name a rap album Breaking Kayfabe, it better be about pro wrestling or about how how rap star are just working angles like pro wrestlers. I like the idea of rappers hiding behind a secret code. Too bad he does not do that."

PJ knew that he had to be strong here. "I still love this album. He has a sound that carries the album. It is strong, even if you don't like the title."

Rich Thomas

Listen: Candace Weapon >> "Oliver Square"

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