Friday, November 6, 2009

2007 : 14 "All My Mistakes" by The Avett Brothers

I made decisions some right and some wrong
And I let some love go I wish wasn't gone
These things and more I wish I had not done
But I can't go back
And I don't want to
'Cause all my mistakes
They brought me to you

This is the song Kate and I danced to as our first dance at our wedding. I think we both took mistake-filled paths to each other. It is great when you can look at that path and feel good about it. Who knows: if I avoided one of those mistakes, I might not be here now, with the woman I love. This song now takes me back to my wedding day and that is a pretty good memory to have impressed on a song.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Avett Brothers >> "All My Mistakes"

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