Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2000 : 05 "Sad Sweetheart of The Rodeo," by Harvey Danger

The Marlboro Man died of cancer
and he wasn't a rocket scientist when he was healthy. ("ha ha ha.")
She took one last gulp of his soft city condescension
and blasted off from his little launch pad to parts west.
Sad sweetheart of the rodeo.
Wahoo, not an urban legend now.
Sad sweetheart of the rodeo.
(Lonesome Cowboy Bill, where are you?)

I loved the first Harvey Danger album. I thought it was great outside of the one hit they had. It was an album that really had an effect on me. It really seemed to fit that moment in my life when it first came out. It was a few years between their first and second album. I was not about to run out to buy the second album as soon as it was released. I was in a different place in my life.

I was working at TiVo at the time and we were watching a lot of MTV2 and Much Music in our cubicle. It was an easy way to pass the time while we worked. I remember the first time I saw the video for this song, I turned up the volume to listen. I was hooked right away and bought the album quickly after that. I think this is the last album I bought on the strength of one video.

I love the narrative of this song. The story of a woman who works in an office and hates her job. There are two or three women I knew at that time who fit this description. People who wanted to escape the life they were living were pretty big even with the boom. I knew a few women who felt they should be someplace else.

In the video it is clear that the singer is watching a woman who is thinking this. He is watching her. I think I had a crush on one or two of those women who wanted to be someplace else. They were thinking about some distant life while I was thinking about them. Yeah, this song struck home a little.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Harvey Danger >> "Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo"

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