Monday, June 15, 2009

2000 : 27 "New York" by Richard Ashcroft

I am visiting Portland for the first time after I left it. I am trying to decide if I did the right thing or not. My job is better, but San Jose cannot hold a candle to Portland. I can't sleep so I go for a walk. I am walking around an empty downtown listening to a mix I made for myself. I am trying to figure out where my life is really taking me. Do I stay on that path or change it?

Richard Ashcroft's "New York" comes on. The words just grab me. He is singing about a place that I have not been in years, but it still feels like my life. The song feels like when someone straps a Steadicam to an actor and makes him walk the streets. That is just how I felt. The world around me is spinning, but I have to keep walking. I feel a little sick at the spinning, but I am the only person who can get me where I go.

This song still feels this way to me.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Richard Ashcroft >> "New York"

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