Sunday, June 14, 2009

2000 : 24 "Touch Deprivation," by Diane Cluck


They did a similar experiment in New York
And this is what they did:
They rolled out the sheets of tarmac
And sliced them into grid
Then they filled the maze with people
But they told them not to touch
They convinced them it weren't civilized
And we believed as much
Why do you apologize
When you bump into my arm on the train?
And you apologize three times
Like it really caused anyone harm or pain
Being bumped into
Do you know you are the first person
To touch me in a month?
And sometimes I like the feeling of accidental touch

I am amazed when a song writer captures something I have felt in my life so well. It is something I have gone though and this song hit the idea completely. There is something about living in a city where you do not know anyone, when you are alone, when you have not touched anyone in as many days as you can remember.

As Diane Cluck sings about this feeling her guitar is a perfect guide though this world. It makes me think about someone ice skating through this song. It is always behind the voice, not taking away from it.

There are few better expressions of loneliness and alienation than this song. Even with all that, the song is still optimistic. There is still a chance for us to use our skin for our language. This song makes me want to cry for all sorts of reasons.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Diane Cluck >> "Touch Deprivation"

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