Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2000 : 30 " Venus Stop The Train" by Wilco


I keep my distance cause she falls in love with everyone
Smoking grass and taking Christmas trees
She falls in love with me
I'm polite to her
I reach my soft hand out to her
I've known her for a very, very long time

The simple composition of the song makes one thing clear: this song is all about Jeff Tweedy's ability to perform. It is not about his skill as a singer, his ability to play piano, or the strength of his voice. It is about his ability to use his voice to connect with the audience. I amazed at how he trusts his voice without sounding like he trusts his voice.

There is something about Jeff Tweedy's voice on this song. It is sad, scared, and a little tired. You can tell that he is trying to explain himself and defend himself. He is singing about why he stayed away from a woman he might have loved. I am not sure if he is really singing this song about someone else or about himself.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Wilco >> "Venus Stop The Train"

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