Monday, June 8, 2009

2000 : 14 "Kingdom (Restoration)," by VNV Nation

Chances are, if you visited a nightclub which played goth or industrial music at any point in the early Aughts, you heard this track. You might even have danced to it. That's okay, no one has to know. My peers always seem a touch embarrassed about any part of their histories which involves goth clubs. Recording technology allows us to swoop and stomp in the privacy of our own homes, nowadays. You probably thought these guys were German, too, am I right? It's a perfectly understandable mistake. Actually, Mark is British and Ronan is Irish. They are nice chaps, by all accounts. The album this remix is on, Standing/Burning Empires, is one of the finest ever released in the genre known variously as synthpop, EBM, or futurepop. But hey, I'm just making small talk. The fact is, I wish I had a more eloquent description of this song than "argh, it's just so fucking GOOD!" I really don't. You will just need to listen to it. It is so, so fucking good.

Angela Smith

Listen: VNV Nation >> "Kingdom (Restoration)"

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