Monday, June 15, 2009

2000 : 26 "Sophteonal" by Aix Em Klemm

when i first heard "sophteonal," the third track from aix em klemm's self-titled release, i was immediately drawn to its unique structure and sweeping repetitions. the disc opens with expansive and ever-encompassing drones amid whispering murmurations and insect-like chirrings, but this particular track somehow stands out from the rest. it is lush and melancholic, a dream-state where piano, guitar, and scratchy electronic distortions seem to echo one another in a fragile, undulating dialogue. hearing "sophteonal" originally induced me to seek out the recording but the overall album is not to be ignored either, as it offers delicate washing effects and subtle reverberations throughout, not dissimilar to a sense of being suspended in time.

aix em klemm is a side-project of adam wiltzie (stars of the lid) and bobby donne (labradford).

diane granahan

Listen: Aix Em Klemm >> "Sophteonal"

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