Thursday, June 11, 2009

2000 : 19 "Remember the Mountain Bed," by Billy Bragg and Wilco

Do you still sing of the mountain bed we made of limbs and leaves:
Do you still sigh there near the sky where the holly berry bleeds:
You laughed as I covered you over with leaves, face, breast, hips and thighs
You smiled when I said the leaves were just the color of your eyes.

Memory is a strong thing. I first heard this song driving down the Alameda in San Jose. I was lost, but I kept on driving thinking that if I kept doing one direction I would get to someplace I recognized. It worked just as I finished hearing this song for the first time.

I went to see Wilco alone in San Jose. I remember crying when I heard this song. It was so beautiful to hear live, I thought my heart would burst. Maybe it was just that I did not have anyone to play this song for. I walked home singing this song to myself.

Jeff Tweedy played this song in his solo concert. He asked everyone to be quite and walked out to the edge of the stage, with his back to the mic. He started playing this song and everyone in the concert hall was quiet. We all held our breaths so we could hear him better. At least that is the way I remember it.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Billy Bragg and Wilco >> "Remember the Mountain Bed"

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