Saturday, June 13, 2009

2000 : 22 "The Crystal Lake," by Grandaddy

I was living in Columbus, OH when I received a copy of this album (The Sophtware Slump) from my cousin in California. I loved it, and still do, and remember thinking that this is what California sounded like (I still hadn't been), which is a perhaps odd association, even though they were from CA. A few months later, I visited my cousin. We hiked Muir Woods, and then we drove down 1 (or is it 101? I can’t remember) to San Francisco, listening to this album. Right as we came around a bend, and the Pacific came into view for the first time, this song came on. True story. Looking back, I think the "We gotta get outta here" refrain must've been potent back then too, as that was exactly how I felt about living in Columbus. No offense, Columbus. I love you, but we would've killed each other.

Patrick Culliton

Listen: Grandaddy >> "The Crystal Lake"

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