Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2000 : 15 "Her Ghost in the Fog," by Cradle of Filth

While other bands were negotiating the millennium variously, (they were n'sync or blue da da dee da da da) Cradle of Filth was chasing Her Voice in the Fog. Long the provenance of metal, and taken to new commercial and sometimes comical heights by King Diamond in the late '80s, the literate neo-baroque comes into its own on this black metal mass-terpiece. Of course, thematically, there's nothing new about employing satan to pursue alabaster women. It just rarely sounds this good. Blast beats come standard with the genre, but Dani Filth's vocal range, the addition of Martin Powell on keys, and Ms. Sarah Jezebel Deva's operatics are so fucking fine that modern Goody Browns might just stick to the woods.

Justin Timberdrake

Listen: Cradle of Filth >> "Her Ghost in the Fog"

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