Thursday, October 1, 2009

2005 : 47-48 Aught Music Roundtable: Tiny Cities by Sun Kil Moon

Roundtable Part One: "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes"

When I first heard the album Tiny Cities I was totally floored. I already knew that Mark Kozelek was great at doing cover songs. A decade earlier I fell in love with the Red House Painters' version of Yes' "Long Distance Runaround." You would have thought Songs For A Blue Guitar was stuck in my CD player for how often I listed to it.

What took my breath away with this album was how Kozelek went past what a really good cover song does. He totally makes me forget the original version. I listen to these songs and think that this is the way the songs where meant to be in the first place. He took all the noise and discord away and found the truth. That is what amazed me so much.

I find myself listening to this album a lot, especially on road trips.

Rich Thomas

Roundtable Part Two: "Trucker's Atlas"

Mark Kozelek turns a song that was epic and wide like the open western road into something close and intimate like the inside of the car you're sharing with your best friend. Those moments of a road trip that you'll never really be able to explain to anyone else.

April Walker

Listen: Sun Kil Moon >> "Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes" | "Trucker's Atlas"

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