Saturday, October 17, 2009

2006 : 34 "Book of Baby Names" by Bound Stems

She says my name. I say, "Julia." (knock) She understands? (enter) I say, "Sorry, Stacy." I say, "Just kidding, Tina." I say, "All right, Margaret." (wind through party) I say, "Come on, Wendy." (aside) How long can I go without saying her name? How long before I run out?

I enjoy this this song for some strange reason. There is a story here, but not really a story. It is a small clip of an interaction between two people. It is enough to make me want me to know more, but there is no more to know. There is something amazing in that. She doesn't know how recently I've been reading a book of baby names.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Bound Stems >> "Book of Baby Names"

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Evan said...

I'm glad you like this track. It was one of my favorite pieces of the album to build. Our friend Chris Shea wrote and spoke the words. I wish he'd write the novel inside him.

If you like this, you might be interested in my current band, Sleepy Kitty. We do pop-style songs, but we also mix in some weird bits of story and conversation and mystery fragments. Our myspace has some of those sorts of songs...

Cheers to 2006,
Here's to 2010,
Evan Sult
(frmr) Bound Stems

PS I think of them as the Oughties. Or Aughties. Funny how a whole decade passed without a noun we could agree on, yeah?