Thursday, October 15, 2009

2006 : 28-29 Two tracks by Jeffrey Foucault

"Ghost Repeater"

"Ghost Repeater" was my introduction to Jeffrey Foucault and it was love at first listen. I subsequently fell in love with the entire album which, appropriately enough, the title track captures the feeling of quite nicely. It's a song I want to turn up all the way. I say that a lot about my favorite songs, but I guess that's an indication of just how much I love it, wanting to listen to it as loud as absolutely possible. It just makes me feel so free somehow, makes me want to drive around the west.

"Mesa, Arizona"

I love Jeffrey's imagery, his ability to turn the mundane and unnoticed into some of the most beautiful things.
You're the sky all full of starlings
And an ax blade shining in the sun
You're the angel touched a coal
Against my lips
You're my only one

Reel to reel
The country rolls
And the towns slide by
Like ghost repeaters
Of faded billboards & big-box stores
Like a movie of an empty theater
You look around and wonder
When the seams are going to fail
And how dear the cost of living
Where everything's for sale
Except you you're my one
You're my only one

April Walker

Listen: Jeffrey Foucault >> "Ghost Repeater" | "Mesa, Arizona"

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