Sunday, October 11, 2009

2006 : 14 "Walkin' on Nails" by Mac Lethal


Here's a list of things that I love:
I love Twix bars, credit cards,
new socks, rainy days,
cold beer, shootin' pool, Tupac tapes;
I love little kids, givin' hugs, ladybugs,
Tarantino films, Amelie, and The Boondock Saints.
Readin' magazines backwards, wrinkle-free trousers,
Takin' percocet and masturbatin' in the shower;
I love my independence, my family, my life,
And everyone that came here tonight.

If I have to explain why I love this song, you have not been paying attention. Just listen to this song and you will know. You might not like rap, but give this one a chance. Just reading the lyrics should give you a good reason to like this song.

So I wrote him down a list of things I hate:
I hate Larry the Cable Guy, the way cucumbers taste,
People actin' tough and girls that invade my space.
I hate bill collectors, I hate bad news,
And people askin' me to talk about my tattoos;
I hate the person sittin' in your car talkin' shit about my songs,
Don't fight the urge, sing along.
I hate my songs,
I hate Mac Lethal,
I, hate, people.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Mac Lethal >> "Walkin on Nails"

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