Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2006 : 25 "Queen of the Borrowed Light" by Wolves in the Throne Room

Black metal may be the only appropriate response to modernity. Wolves in the Throne Room marry ecological rage and loss with a return to what remains of nature. It's the only druid rock possible when one is aware that the polar cap is half the size it was in 1940, when congress is nattering about a cap and trade system with ambivalent results where implemented in the EU, and where faith in market solutions is offered as a "green revolution," our last best hope. We will lose. In this way, we arrive at "Queen of the Borrowed Light." We share borrowed time in the banal sense of our brief puking/bawling before the sun, but now also as a species. Have a nice day.

But don't protest. Stay home. Spin some records. Smoke a j. Cave. Tighten your belt. Take one for the team. Cower.

Justin Timberdrake

Listen: Wolves in the Throne Room >> "Queen of the Borrowed Light"

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