Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2006 : 44 "Warmer Climate" by Snow Patrol

A bonus track off the UK release of Eyes Open which, for me, outshines all of the other songs. The sentiment behind "Warmer Climate" is hardly new or revolutionary but the lyrics are just plain gorgeous, making it feel like something more, something bigger.

Maybe it's the warmer climate
Maybe I'm a smarter primate
Maybe it's the beer I'm drinking
Maybe I've stopped over-thinking
Baby you're the words and chapters
The sweetness in the morning after
You are the cry that turns to laughter
You're the hope that ends disaster

The universe just vanished out of sight
And all the stars collapsed behind the pitch black night
And I can barely see your face in front of mine
But it is knowing you are there that makes me fine

April Walker

Listen: Snow Patrol >> "Warmer Climate"

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