Thursday, October 8, 2009

2006 : 04-05 Two tracks by Mecca Normal

When I think of 2006, there are a couple of albums that really jump out to me. One of those albums is Mecca Normal's The Observer. The Observer is a great album, but it is not great the way other albums are great. It is great in the way a challenging novel or performance art is great. It is not pleasant or catchy, but it is challenging and introspective. It is something that makes you want to listen to the album over and over again not because you know the songs, but because you want to find out what you don't know about the songs yet.

"Attraction is Ephemeral"

He says, "We have time. Don't warn me. Don't warn me. Don't warn me about yourself."
"OK," I say.
Does that include not telling him that I'm too cheap to take the bus so I walk twenty minutes to get to the store and that I carry my groceries home in my packsack — which is fine with me — and I don't buy crackers and cheese and pickles and cookies because they are too expensive. I know the prices on almost everything in the little shops — if oranges are 59 cents a pound here and the same ones 49 cents a pound across the street. I will cross the street to save whatever it is on my 2 oranges — and brag about.

This song describes subtle sexual politics in a way that just amazes me. The narrator is trying to figure out what to think of this person who she is starting a relationship with. It is an amazing description of a relationship at the very start. It feels so real and fictional all at the same time. Like the song is getting to a truth that can only be achieved by art.

"Fallen Skier"

I know that "Fallen Skier" is over twelve minutes. I cannot guarantee that it will be worth your time. All I know is that this is the best description of being on a bad internet date that I have ever heard. I feel like I have been in this situation myself. I really feel like I have seen this situation from all sides. The length of this song only adds to the feeling this date would really have. Listening to it again confirms how good this song is.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Mecca Normal >> "Attraction Is Ephemeral" | "Fallen Skier"

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