Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2001 : 21 "Left and Right of the Moon," by the Warlocks

2001 was a shitty year, "Left and Right of the Moon." Some comfort, then, to think of The Warlocks playing desert rock to bombed-out dive bars. Something about a lack of soap, a song called hurricane heart-attack, or just a rotten candy cane heart: I watched the singer give away all his beer, channel Nico, and turn so positively shy that the crowd gave it back. And the song, all bedroom nomad. A paean to where-the-fuck-am-i, the state that ain't no place, friend. Usually this kind of shit means somebody has to die. Fortunately, that's the movie. Here you can just relax.

Justin Timberdrake

Listen: The Warlocks >> "Left and Right of the Moon"

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