Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2002 : 18 "Greenwich Time" by Jay Farrar

Left it up to chance, left it up in the air.
Played it by year and played down both ends of the line.
I will not let the world pass by
I woke up in the west, Greenwich time.

One day you wake up and you figure out that your life is nowhere near where you thought it would be. This is both a scary and a refreshing idea. The world is open to you, but it is also up to you to make something of it. How will you live your life to make the most of it? This question is at the center of "Greenwich Time."

This was a question in 2002 that meant a lot to me. I got this EP for my 30th birthday. I was at a point where this really was my life. Everything in my life at that moment was of my making. I could not look to anyone else to add value or give me direction. I had to figure those things out for myself. How was I going to live and what was important to me? Those were the questions I really needed to answer. I am pretty happy with how I answered them.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Jay Farrar >> "Greenwich Time"

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