Friday, July 31, 2009

2002 : 42 "Sellout" by Here Are The Facts You Requested

Back when I read Spin magazine, some time in the 90's, they did this section in their year-end issue: "The best albums of the year you never heard." My friends in college used to play a game with that segment. In that spirit I would like to offer the Here Are The Facts You Requested album Felt. I would like to nominate this as the best album of the 2000's that no one heard.

I know I would not have heard the album if I did not work with a member of the band. Still, I think that is an amazing album. It is strange to think this is the album from the a guy from the tech writing department and his friends. This album is a reminder that making good music is not enough. There are a ton of talented bands out there that never make it. I think it is as good as anything else I heard in 2002.

I thought the long tail was supposed to make it so bands like this could make it without labels. It turns out that model is not as easy as it might sound. I am sad that so few people got to hear this album, but I am happy that I got to hear it. If you want, you can buy it on Amazon.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Here Are The Facts You Requested >> "Sellout"

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