Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2002 : 05 "Time Bomb High School" by The Reigning Sound

I hate trying to explain what the Reigning Sound sound like. It's straight up rock and roll in the strictest sense. Unfortunately, that's the most vanilla answer, but there really is no better way to respond. You can’t add some prefix like "post-disco punk" or anything else to further elaborate. It's a bunch of old dudes who have been in a million bar bands putting out great rock. They are way too weak-chinned to be mistaken for someone in The Strokes. They have a retro vibe, but they don't use it like some Ian Sevonius-type crutch.

"Time Bomb High School" is like revenge of the shop class guys. The ones in the back of the class who liked to get drunk and high on the weekends that no one paid attention to. The Sabbath kids. The kids who took George Thorogood to heart. The Reigning Sound are the musical equivalent of that. In the early Aughts garage rock revival they were the ugly kids in a room full of high-haired, high-cheekbone sons of models.

That's all if you really obsess over the lyrics. You really don't have to, which is the beauty of the band. If you want music for hanging out with the guys, drinking beer, and farting, you'll find no better band.

James Specht

Listen: The Reigning Sound >> "Time Bomb High School"

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Eric said...

"...revenge of the shop class guys." Love it.