Saturday, July 4, 2009

2001 : 28 "Macy's Day Bird" by Diane Cluck

the perfume of her hangs in the air
like an atmosphere
promising thunderstorms

One skill Diane Cluck has as a songwriter is the way she uses metaphor to convey emotion without the metaphor swallowing the song. "Macy's Day Bird" is a good example. She is singing about her relationship with this woman by talking about the woman taking part in the Macy's Day Parade. This is a good way to be direct and ambiguous at the same time. Much of the meaning is left up to the listener to figure out for themselves. I think doing this with the lyrics makes the emotion feel more real. I can feel the connection because I can fill in the details.

she gives me her red rhinestone ring
that fits only my thumb
and i wonder
was it her ex-husband's or father's or someone's
cheap souvenir
from a somewhere he took her
i decide i won't be a gift horse mouth looker
so i wear it for awhile
til' it gives me a rash
i am not sentimental
toss it in the trash

Rich Thomas

Listen: Diane Cluck >> "Macy's Day Bird"

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