Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2001 : 36 Three tracks by the Sun City Girls


Libyan Dream is an impossible album to choose a single track from. A re-issue of the Sun City Girls' oeuvre as a part of the Carnival Folklore Resurrection series (#7), this particular selection runs the gambit from the lo-fi garage rocking version of the Amboy Dukes's classic "Journey to the Center of Your Mind" to the seemingly spontaneous skronk "Instantaneous Decisions," to the listenener-friendly surf-rock version of "Vinegar Stroke." If you listened to this with the volume reasonably loud, it would have you equally dancing grooves in the floor and plugging your thumbs in your ears—what more does music ask for?

Dan Markowicz

Listen: Sun City Girls >> "Journey to the Center of Your Mind" | "Instantaneous Decisions" | "Vinegar Stroke"

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