Saturday, July 25, 2009

2002 : 26 "I'm Yr Here-I-Am" by Diane Cluck

Come embrace me, I'm your long lost.
I'm your comeback,
I'm your "Here I am."
Don't waste me, 'cause I won't last long,
and I won't come back,
I'm your "Here I am."
I'm your "Here I am."

Diane Cluck finally came to the west coast. About three weeks before the show I got an e-mail about it. The problem was I was going to be on a vacation while she was in San Francisco. It was a vacation that I had been planning for months and there was no way I could be in San Francisco while she was here. I could see her in Portland if I extended my vacation another two days. I ended up doing that.

Diane Cluck played first on a three act bill. That means she only got to play five or six songs. I know I wanted to see her play all night, but it was not going to happen. It was worth two extra days at a hotel and two more vacation days to hear those six songs played live.

She fumbled with the mic a little as she got on stage. Her guitar looked way too big for her. She looked a little shy and unsure on this stage that was really a rehearsal room above a theater. Then she played "I'm Yr Here-I-Am." The room got very quiet as she belted out this song. Everyone took notice and listened to her. There is a point where she knocks on her guitar with her hand to make a sound, It just blew me away. It set the mood perfectly.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Diane Cluck >> "I'm Yr Here-I-Am"

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