Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2002 : 19 "Silent Film Star" by Paul Westerberg

Pretty much out of fucking nowhere Paul Westerberg accidentally released a really good double album. As an "All Shook Down" apologist I might not be the most objective person to talk about Westerberg without resorting to hyperbole. Anyone who has had to explain The Replacements to someone only familiar with "Dyslexic Heart" knows it can be an uphill battle. Just like Frank Black did with "Dog in the Sand" a few years prior to this, out of nowhere some old school college rock dude shows up and puts out a great album in a sea of mediocrity. I'm not saying the Stereo/Mono album is as great as anything off Tim, but it's still damn good. Just proof that sometimes you shouldn't just send your teen idols packing to the retirement home once you've outgrown them.

"Silent Film Star" showcases what is so great about what a bitter old man Westerberg filled out to be. Who else can sing "Keep that pretty little trap shut" and make it sound beautiful? Like all great Replacement tracks, it has an great unfinished demo vibe to it. It's him coming full circle, from the garage to the stage then back to garage. This song is less pissy teenager, more cranky dad, still 100% Westerberg.

James Specht

Listen: Paul Westerberg >> "Silent Film Star"

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