Sunday, July 19, 2009

2002 : 13 "Denver" by The Beauty Shop

When Colorado calls your name
yeah Heaven help you, cause you'd better answer

Talking to Jeremy about this project, he asked me about how certain moments felt and how the music of that time reflects that. What I can say is that 2002 felt like walking around the empty streets of San Jose at night and listening to The Beauty Shop.

I will say that 2002 was a weird time in San Jose. Between 9/11 and the bust of the bubble, San Jose seemed quiet and lonely at night. It went from being an overly-optimistic place to a place where people were looking for the bottom. I had a bunch of friends who had been laid off in 2001 and could not find work in 2002. It was a year were people had to choose their future. Could they make it in the tech industry or did they need to move on?

The Beauty Shop seemed to fit those empty streets perfectly. There was construction all around my apartment. It made the ghost town feeling loom larger. I walked around that ghost town, unsure about my future, feeling the crush of everyday life, listening to the Beauty Shop. That was 2002.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Beauty Shop >> "Denver"

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