Thursday, July 30, 2009

2002 : 38 "Pneumonia" by Fog

This song, unerringly focused on the most dreary aspects of the quotidian, uniquely captures the precise flavor of [my] depression. It's nominally upbeat, and it occasionally rallies into a nearly triumphant mode, but these are illusions: the emotions revealed here are nothing more than the tremulous bravery one musters while crumbling internally or, better, the sick sense of satisfaction that one is permitted to indulge in only at one's most wretched.

The casserole was good
and the drives were so nice
welcome to the worst part of your life

At the time it was released, Fog was one guy, Andrew Broder, who hailed from Minneapolis, MN—and, sure enough, this track sounds exactly like what one might produce in the midst of endless grey wintertime.

Jeremy Bushnell

Listen: Fog >> "Pneumonia"

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