Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2003 : 05 "Hey Ya!" by Outkast

Thank God for Mom and Dad
For sticking two together
'Cause we don't know how (Uh!)

I love songs that make me want to dance. I love songs that make me feel that dancing is the only good response. The beat of this song is just amazing. It is easy to see why this song was everywhere that year.

I know that lots of people will discount this because it was so popular. In 2003 this song was everywhere. It was on TV, commercials, movie previews, stadiums, and just about anywhere else you might be. I know that turned many of my friends off to this song.

What is even more amazing how the lyrics do not match the sound of the song. The lyrics are about how two people cannot keep their relationship together. It is so deep in the song it is easy to miss. I like that.

You can even take the old Charlie Brown clips and put the music behind it. What else could I ask for?

Rich Thomas

Listen: OutKast >> "Hey Ya!"

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jpb said...

This song is a boon to every DJ working in the Aughts, myself included.