Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2003 : 26 "Never Did No Wanderin'" by The Folksmen

The greatest moments of musical parody during my lifetime have been performed by one band. I do not care if you call them Spinal Tap or The Folksmen, they know how to make fun of a genre like no one else. They hit another home run in the movie A Mighty Wind.

This song is great because it is a road song about having never traveled. It really goes out on one of the big topics in folk music. Every folk musician has a tramp song; it is a key part of the genre. The Folksmen say they "Never Did No Wanderin'" and ask why so many folk acts like to claim to be hobos. It is a brilliant idea.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Folksmen >> "Never Did No Wanderin'"

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Kim said...

Yay! Someone else loves this song! I love it just as much as the traveling songs in the genre it is parodying.