Friday, August 28, 2009

2004 : 06 "Campfire Song" by The Bunkbeds


If I were asked to make a dictionary with songs to define words this song would be the entry for "dreamy." The extreme dreaminess of the song was really cemented for me on a trip to Scotland in 2005. My boyfriend and I were driving through the fog-soaked Scottish highlands and "Campfire Song" came on the iPod just as we rounded a corner and the fog parted to reveal craggy peaks and a rainbow directly in front of us. So, that's what this song feels like to me, something unexpected, perfectly timed and amazingly beautiful.

The Bunkbeds aren't a band so much as a Scottish guy in his bedroom with some cheap n nasty (as he describes it) recording equipment. The results are mixed but when they are good they are, in my opinion, quite wonderful. I will be ever grateful for whatever internet rabbit hole I was following when I stumbled across this little gem.

The Bunkbeds artist page on SoundClick:

April Walker

Listen: The Bunkbeds >> "Campfire Song"

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