Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2003 : 07 "The Turnaround Road" by Diane Cluck

Cars' three-point turns make pentagrams in the dirt
At the end of the road where I sit in the morning
The weeks have been hazy but something is changing
I watched the sun convince the weakest cloud to let it through
It said "I would have gone crooked but for you"

There is a line in a Bob Dylan about reading an old book of poetry and feeling like every line was already written on your soul. That is how I feel about "The Turnaround Road" by Diane Cluck. I cannot say how I feel about this song. It touches me on a level that I just cannot communicate. When I hear this song alone in my car, I sing it with all the emotion and heart I can muster.

There is something about the line "I would have gone crooked but for you." I am not sure who the narrator is singing about, but I know what she means. It is not a kind of knowing that I can describe to another person. It is the kind of knowing that someone else must have beforehand for them to understand.

And red ants are moving with their sick and withered comrades
They carry the bodies of the withered in their mouths
Because it is no big deal
Hey, what else is there to do
But set your sight on something and pull your tangles through

Rich Thomas

Listen: Diane Cluck >> "The Turnaround Road"

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