Saturday, August 8, 2009

2003 : 16 "New Partner" by the Frames (covering Will Oldham)

We all know what we know
It's a hearts one to know
When you think like a hermit
You forget what you know
And you were always on my mind
And you were always on my mind

Right after Kate moved in with me I walked her to work. As I walked back to the apartment, listening to my iPod, "New Partner" by The Frames came on. I started to dance my way across the intersection. I heard the song before, but I never retained the words. I thought of Kate when I sang the verse to myself. "And you were always on my mind." I am dancing and thinking about Kate as I am walking home.

I listened to this song five or six times in a row that time. The world kept on ringing in my head. I kept singing this song to me. The line "When you think like a hermit, You forget what you know" stuck in my head. Kate moved in with me after only a month. I had been alone for a long time. There is something about being alone that gets you stuck in your head. There comes a point where you get to choose either becoming more of a hermit or being closer to someone. It was strange to go from being a hermit to living with someone again. I never had a doubt I did the right thing. I knew I had a new partner.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Frames >> "New Partner"

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