Thursday, August 13, 2009

2003 : 28 "Brand New Colony" by The Postal Service

I love how this song starts. It conveys the feeling of an eight-bit video game sound effect. I know that sound is trying to manipulate me and my love for eight-bit video games. I still love that they decided to start the song that way. This is one of those songs that captures my attention no matter where I hear it. It has the kind of feeling of joy that makes music special.

The Postal Service album Give Up is my favorite album of this decade. I might say that a few times during this project, but I cannot say there is an album that is better. For that reason I would like to say Death Cab for Cutie is the Band of the Decade. I know this is a strange claim about a side project, but listen. Ben Gibbard is half of the Postal Service. Chris Walla produced a number of acts including the Decemberists and Tegan & Sara. That is a pretty far reach.

This is one of those albums that make my eyes light up when I talk about it. It is perfect in the way that something with no follow up can be perfect. I doubt there will every be another Postal Service album that will ruin how I think of it.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Postal Service >> "Brand New Colony"

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