Friday, August 21, 2009

2003 : 48 "Across The Universe [Naked Version]" by The Beatles

When Let It Be... Naked came out my friends talked about where it fit into the history of the Beatles. I was, and still am, of the mind that it is outside the canon of the Beatles' career. As much as people say that this is what the Beatles wanted at the time, you cannot know that is true. They let Phil Spector take control of producing the album and Let It Be was the result.

On the Let It Be... Naked side of the argument, my friends say that it is truer to what the Beatles wanted. My problem is that too much time has passed. The Beatles might say they remember what they wanted, but as years go by, how can they be truthful? The passage of time is meaningful when it comes to art.

I love the Let It Be... Naked album, but is is still outside the Beatles' career for me. It is like a classic movie re-edited because that the director did not get the final cut, but that is still secondary to the original release. It does not mean I did not enjoy having Let It Be... Naked all these years later.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Beatles >> "Across The Universe"

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