Saturday, August 29, 2009

2004 : 09 "Terrible Angels" by CocoRosie

I saw CocoRosie play live before I ever heard their album. They were headlining a show that Diane Cluck was playing. I remember being stunned by their stage show. On some level it was more like performance art than an indie rock show. They did not interact with the crowd. The two of them sat on chairs and sung. From time to time they would bring someone else out to play with them. It was interesting because they really focused on the music. When they played "Terrible Angels" one of them held a child's toy that they were using to make sounds against her chest, like the way country artists used to play the autoharp.

I love the way CocoRosie uses children's toys and sound effects as instruments. It fits in really well with their vocal style. It does not sound like a gimmick with a song like "Terrible Angels." It gives the song a do it yourself feeling that is nice, like something I would make playing around in a friend's studio.

CocoRosie is one of those bands that benefit greatly from the internet. The music would never translate to being played on radio. There is something about radio that restricts the theme and tone of music. When I turn on the radio I am not looking for challenging or experimental. I love CocoRosie because it is not what I want to listen to when I want radio music.

Rich Thomas

Listen: CocoRosie >> "Terrible Angels"

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