Monday, August 31, 2009

2004 : 16 "The Cloud Prayer" by A.C. Newman

A.C. (Carl) Newman is one of the main protagonists of the New Pornographers, a band characterized by their seamless integration of the multiple points of view of the musicians involved. They are one of my favorite groups. However, I really adore Newman's solo album as well. It's much less busy, but its beauty sort of sneaks up on you. I had a very hard time choosing a track to feature from it; at least half the album is my "favorite". Pulling his light, clear voice and straightforward pop sensibility from the occasionally overwhelming orchestration of the New Pornographers is like enjoying one perfect berry from a bowl of fruit salad.

This particular track breaks my heart all over again each time I hear it. If the sad, perplexed opening line of "You don't think I tried for you" doesn't strike some sort of chord inside, either you have never been in a dysfunctional relationship, or you are a pitiless monster. The song has a way of pressing its fingers into bruises you didn't even realize you had.

Angela Smith

Listen: A.C. Newman >> "The Cloud Prayer"

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