Thursday, August 6, 2009

2003 : 10 "You Are the Everything" by Jeffrey Foucault (covering R.E.M.)

The first time I heard this version of this song I was sitting on a friend's couch in DC halfway through a road trip from New Hampshire to South Carolina and back. It took my breath away, brought tears to my eyes, and I fell in love instantly. I have loved "You Are the Everything" for years (it was on the first mix tape I made for my boyfriend, now of 12 years) and hearing Jeffrey Foucualt and his wife Kris Delmhorst sing it together fills me with dreamy teary happiness to the point where I think I actually prefer this version to the original. This is a song that I can say not only do I love but I am in love with.

April Walker

Listen: Jeffrey Foucault >> "You Are The Everything"

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