Monday, August 31, 2009

2004 : 15 "Bottle Rocket" by The Go! Team

If you had told me I'd love a song with a harmonica solo I'd call you a fucking liar. But here we are! Anyway, this song is such an aggressive sugar shock that it's like a chlamydia test with a candy cane. It's straight up Saturday Morning cartoon theme music. I used to love to walk home from work blasting this on my iPod. When I crossed the Walnut Street bridge and this would come on I'd feel like a super hero on a victory lap. It's totally the aural equivalent of a high-five, and you're supposed to take that as corny and unironically as possible.

James Specht

Listen: The Go! Team >> "Bottle Rocket"

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Jeremy B said...

"like a chlamydia test with a candy cane" is such a wrong thing to say that it goes around the bend and becomes right again.