Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2003 : 43 "Retrieval of You" by The Minus 5

They call me DJ Minimart
cause that's where I work

I love music about music. For some reason it is usually people singing about being on the bottom of that exchange. It might be easy to sing about being a failure, has-been, or never-will-be. This decade has a whole bunch of good examples of music about music.

What is interesting about this song is how the music is light and upbeat, but the lyrics are dark and ominous. The revenge lyrics are more fitting for heavy metal than they are for indie pop.

Everybody knows I fell afoul of fame
And you're to blame that I am What's-his-name
I'm setting an example - you're the one I choose
For page two news, it's my Retrieval of you
For right behind you, don't turn around
I was the one who cut your first song
Get in the backscat, keep your head down
Didn't I shout it all night long?
Now you're a fabled rekkid star.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Minus 5 >> "Retrieval of You"

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