Monday, August 10, 2009

2003 : 22 "London Still" by the Waifs

Occasionally, I have a strong resistance to things people have recommended to me, especially music. There are several reasons for this, with varying degrees of rationality: sometimes it's who the recommender is, sometimes it's because I already have some kind of negative association with the band or the album or the genre, and sometimes its because the recommendation seems to me to be based on a dubious comparison (as when Amazon tells me that because I like Nirvana, I might like Nickelback). Sometimes it's just that they like it too much, and I worry that I will disappoint them by liking it less.

The Waifs' Up All Night was one such record for me, one that I resisted listening to for one reason or another. But it was recommended to me by a co-worker who burned me a copy, and so, knowing that I saw her everyday and that she would inevitably ask me about it, I gave it a listen out of a sense of duty. And, as happens so often when I have this reaction, I was surprised to discover that no, in fact, my tastes are not an unbreakable code, and sometimes other people do in fact know what they are talking about.

The record is pretty good all the way through, but I have become an evangelist for "London Still;" if I happened to make a mix for you in the last five years or so, this song would certainly have been on it. It's sad in a way that I think we all need to be sad sometimes, and it captures perfectly the feeling that comes with realizing that even when what you think you want really is what you want, getting it sometimes still means losing something else that you would like to have held on to.

John French

Listen: The Waifs >> "London Still"

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