Friday, August 7, 2009

2003 : 11 "The Multiverse" by Voivod

"What really matters is the anti-matter," affirms Voivod on 2003's "The Multiverse." These are the same dudes who, when not singing about Angel/Rats, chronicle life in a hyper-cube. It's about escape in the obvious way that escape is always about where you came from. The guys in Voivod are Canadian (like Alpha Flight—yeah, that's how I roll, this ain't no DC thing...), and could doubtless hear the Bush era call to harm. Space time warped. Orwell channelled. The Multiverse. "It is now reality / Never say Never." Still, working in one's basement, somehow getting it right, has yet to get us to the other side of racist imperial policies. Back to work!

Justin Timberdrake

Listen: Voivod >> "The Multiverse"

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