Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2004 : 22-23 Aught Music Roundtable: "Franz Ferdinand" by Franz Ferdinand

Roundtable Part One: "The Dark of the Matinee"

Before Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade, it's safe to say that no band truly exploded on the scene like Franz Ferdinand, all hyberbole necessary. Their self-titled debut album did not have one throwaway track on it, with each one worthy of consideration for the best of the Aughts. I've been listening to this album for five years, and every track has gone through a spell as one of my favorites. "The Dark of the Matinee" wins, since it combines both of their sounds: hard rocking and a soft, almost ballad-like style. The lyrics are full of both meticulous detail and enough "wiggle room" to leave parts open for interpretation.

I charm you and tell you of the boys I hate
All the girls I hate
All the clothes I hate
How I'll never be anything I hate.

This song came awfully close to being overplayed a few years back, and listening to it for the first time in quite awhile in preparation for this writing, I was reminded of how Franz Ferdinand combines great sounds that anyone can appreciate with subtle hints of elitism and bravado. This song has an addictive chorus, amazing lyrics, and was a hint of things to come. They've matured with their last two albums, but at the same time, this debut was pretty hard to follow.

Jamie Yates

Roundtable Part Two: "Take Me Out"

The self-titled Franz Ferdinand album might be the best workout album of the decade. I know that does not mean much to some people, but that is a pretty good thing in my book. I see the self-titled Franz Ferdinand album as a straight-ahead rock album. This album came out just when it seemed like rock was making a comeback. This is something that brought a smile to my face.

Go hit the stairmaster with "Take Me Out" on the MP3 player. You will see how much fun you can have. This is a great song to just get it done with. There is a special place in the world for songs like that. It is a good place.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Franz Ferdinand >> "The Dark of the Matinee" | "Take Me Out"

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