Friday, September 18, 2009

2005 : 06 "Growing up with GNR" by Aquaduct

I was only 12
Damn it all to hell
I was feeling fine
Hearing Axl Rose on the radio
Singing "Sweet Child of Mine"

At a party I was asked to describe Philadelphia in one sentence. I said, It is the kind of town when I hear Guns N' Roses on the radio every time I visit. I understand that might not be totally accurate, it it has something to do with how I experience the area. Some of my friends there are still GNR fans.

I love this kind of song. I am right there with Aquaduct. There is part of me that still loves Guns N' Roses. They were not Motley Crew or Poison, they were a band that I could listen to and not feel like an idiot. They were something special about them that was better than the rest of the Glam Metal world.

I rarely hear Guns N' Roses in California. I bet I have heard them on every visit I have made back to PA in the last 10 years. GNR are part of the past, at least for me. I understand the idea that everyone you know who loves GNR are part of your past and not your present. I think that is where this song is a success.

Hearing Axl Rose on the radio
Remembering the good times with you

Rich Thomas

Listen: Aqueduct >> "Growing Up With GNR"

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