Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2005 : 02 Two tracks by Art Brut

"Formed A Band"

Honey pie, I don't know when it started
Just stop buying your albums from the supermarkets
They only sell things that have charted
And Art Brut?
Well we've only just started
And yes, this is my singing voice
It's not irony
And it's not rock and roll
I'm just talking
To the kids

I love Rock & Roll. I love things that love Rock & Roll. I love music that pokes fun at that love of Rock & Roll. I think this is a great song because it loves Rock & Roll and understands how that is silly at the same time. I think every band should start thinking that they will change the world. If you form a band, they might just play your song on Top of the Pops. (This was before Top of the Pops was cancelled.)

Art Brut's straight-ahead, slimmed-down rock style makes this song work. I want to coin the term Post-Power-Pop when describing them. Their screaming guitars, bouncing bass, and driving beat are a perfect backdrop for their clever lyrics. I sing and drop the gas pedal to the floor when I hear this song.

What else can I say about a band that wants to write a song that causes world peace?

I want to be the boy
The man
Who writes the song
That makes Israel and Palestine
Get along

PS. If there is any one song that should be on Rock Band, it is this one.

"Emily Kane"

I was your boyfriend when we were fifteen
It's the happiest that I've ever been
Even though we didn't understand
How to do much more than just hold hands
There's so much about you I miss
The clumsy way we used to kiss
I wish I convinced you, you've made a mistake
If memory serves, we're still on a break
Other girls went and other girls came
I can't get over my old flame
I'm still in love with Emily Kane

As you might know by now, I love songs that describe something I have already been feeling, but ever put words to before. This song is right in that category. I think every single guy has that one woman who they still think back to. For many of us, like myself, it was the first real girlfriend we look back to. That first feeling of love is always powerful. I think this is part of what High Fidelity is about.

I wonder how Emily Kane feels about this song. Do schoolgirls call her name out of buses? Do her friends know about this song?

I real love the way Art Brut makes this song so loving and joyful. It is looking in the past in a fun way. He is not hung up about the mistakes. I think that is part of what makes this song cool.

Every girl that I've seen since
Looks just like you when I squint
I know you said it's for the best
I still don't understand why you left
So much about you I miss
Everytime I see a couple kiss
I hope this song finds you fame
I want school kids on buses singing your name
Other girls went and other girls came
I can't get over my old flame
I'm still in love with Emily Kane

Rich Thomas

Listen: Art Brut >> "Formed A Band" | "Emily Kane"

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