Saturday, September 5, 2009

2004 : 31 "The Barfruit Blues" by The Hold Steady

this was supposed to be a party
half the crowd is calling out for born to run and the other half is calling out for born to lose
baby we were born to choose
we got the last call bar band really big decision blues.
we were born to bruise.

When I heard the first Hold Steady album, Almost Killed Me, I could tell this guy was almost my age. It turns out that Craig Finn is 10 months older than me. It was strange, because by the age of 32, most of the new bands I was listening to were younger than me. So it was odd to here a new band that was older than me.

Maybe it is because the lead singer is my age, but the Hold Steady album really spoke to me. This made my ears ring right away. I could hear the Replacements, Husker Du, Bruce Springsteen, and Dinosaur Jr in the band's CD collection. I can imagine that their iTunes looks like my iTunes. The songs found their way to my headphones all the time.

There is part of me that things that the Hold Steady songs are describing an alternate universe version of my life. Maybe on Earth-17551 I am living out the lyrics of a the Hold Steady song. I am hanging in a bar every night knowing what the scene is all about.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Hold Steady >> "The Barfruit Blues"

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