Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2005 : 21 "Busting Up A Starbucks" by Mike Doughty

Does the man who makes the shoes own you, clown?

You can't even pry the nameplate off, now can you?

Fix it with your tiny fist there

James Van Der Beek and them sisters from Sister, Sister

The only one that's ever felt this is you

The force that's forcing you

To feel like busting up a Starbucks

There is a live version of this song where Mike Doughty said, "I have not heard myself on Hear Music in Starbucks since this song came out." I think that is a funny admission; you would think they would not let him into Starbucks anymore.

I like the song, but I feel sorry for Starbucks. They try to be good corporate citizens, treat their employees right, reduce their waste, and treat the environment right, but people still hate them. I know it has to do more with what Starbucks symbolizes more that what it is.

The song really hits that anger on the head.javascript:void(0) At least it hits my version of that anger on the head. I am sure that other people have a different kind of anger against Starbucks. My anger for Starbucks is much like my anger for James Van Der Beek, but I do not plan on busting up anything.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Mike Doughty >> "Bustin Up A Starbucks"

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